Today, I celebrate 12 years in business!

12 years in business

As we enter our 13th year, we realize this milestone was made possible by the support of clients and friends like you. We say thank you for supporting us, trusting us with your online brand/identity, and believing in our creative solutions. Thank you for 12 great years and we look forward to being there for you for the next 12!

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A Security Certificate Increases Rankings

security certificate to increase site rankings

Recently Google has added a ranking status for sites that have a security certificate, meaning sites that are behind HTTPS could be ranking slightly higher than sites that don’t have a security certificate. In this article we’ll discuss what is HTTPS and how to go about getting a security certificate installed on your site.   What…

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What Are Top Level Domains?

Man Looking at signs of different Top Level Domains

We take a look at Top Level Domains and why the “.com” market is over saturated and the need for more options so that small businesses aren’t left with 20 character long domain names.

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Most Common Passwords Revealed

Computer screen showing passwords login screen

SplashData releases last years most used passwords…To no surprise ‘123456’ remains #1. I’m always baffled when I ask a client for their passwords and they say “it’s easy, it’s password” or they email back stating “it’s the initials of the business name with the numbers of our mailing address”… If you are guilty of this line of thinking…

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Why Every Small Business Needs WordPress

why use WordPress

WordPress is made for small business Whether you’re looking to use it for your small business’s main website, eCommerce shopping cart or as a blog, there are a couple of reasons why you should start using WordPress.   What is WordPress? WordPress is a free and open-source blogging and content-management system being used by more than 22%…

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Google Maps Shows 3 Instead Of 7 Local Results

Google maps search engine

Google’s local pack now has fewer businesses listed. The 7-pack is now the 3-pack. Last week Google Maps made a significant update to how Google Maps shows local listings in a web search. Before, users would see 7 local listings, and today they only see 3! But that is not all that has changed; Google…

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Are You Trending on Google Trends?

Google Trends logo

I bet you probably haven’t heard of Google’s Trends tool? With this tool, you can look at what is currently trending in Google searches. Think of it as a way to see what searches are popular right now such as keywords like selfie, the hottest songs, the latest natural disaster, the newest movie or celebrity mishap.…

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Content Writing for Google Phantom

Google Phantom release

Google has recently launched a new update called Google Phantom II. Let me show you what this release means and show you how it can effect your Google rankings. What is Phantom II? Phantom II is a release that Google made to their algorithm (the math that determines how a site is ranked in search). With most…

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How to Secure Your Website

secure your website with iThemes Security Pro

The iThemes Security Pro plug-in is one of my favourite security plug-ins because it’s easy to install and set up. Most of the pre-populated settings are usually more than enough to keep your WordPress site from being hijacked. Secure Your Website with iThemes Security Pro One feature I really like is the ability to easily…

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