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Please don't mind the mess!

Why am I seeing this under construction page?

Jeffrey Maher, the main guy behind this company, is a great designer for his customers but struggles at meeting his own website goals  "hey I'm busy making money" and rather do paid work than none paid work. Knowing temporary pages, like the one you are on, are a pet peeve of his, the company felt it best to put forward this page to accelerate his design efforts.

This notice went up on September 17th, at 10:30 pm... let's see how long it stays!

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Yes! Get a Tariff Free Website!😂


We are proud to say that our sites are all built right here at home, in Canada! We don't go overseas or down to the states for talent. In fact, the best talent is actually right here!

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about our little web design studio

Established in 2005, Interface Web Solutions Inc. (IWS) is a web design and web consultancy company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

We build goal orientated websites and we build them very well. We create websites and one-page marketing web pages with clear messages, with simple relatable imagery, combined with marketing experience to ensure our sites are driving leads and increasing revenue. 

Our mission is to manage your website so you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about web security, maintenance, and keeping up with the latest in web design. 

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We Build on the WordPress Platform!

8+ years ago we made the decision to become masters of one platform. We chose WordPress and we choose wisely.

WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System and we have become skilled experts in running, maintaining and building on this powerful platform.

We are social... somedays.