Ottawa Web Development

Out-of-the-Box VS Custom Web Development

For some development projects a pre-made or out-of-the-box product might best suited for their development needs. If you’re looking for something generic like a calendar or a sign-up form on your website, then your  best bet is to purchase a third-party product. A pre-made product is dramatically cheaper and would take a fraction of the time to launch then creating something from scratch. With most of these products, you can have them up on your site within a few hours.

Pre-made products do come with their limitations. For example, you can find a lot of companies offering sign-up form products for you to purchase. They will all claim to be easy to use, quick to install and come thoroughly tested. However, they’ll be at different price points. How do you choose? You can go with the cheapest but does the cheapest solution give you all of the features you need? Perhaps the cheapest is outdated technology which may slow down your site. Slow websites could mean that people leave the site before the sign-up form has even loaded. Therefore, the cheapest solution may not be the best.

How we can help with out-of-the-box development

First, we get an understanding of what it is you’re looking to achieve. Then we start researching the market for solutions. We review each product looking at many factors such as features, time to implement, ease of use,  mobile-friendly, cost, reviews, back-end technology, support team responses, update releases, etc. We narrow down all of the options to the top three and provide you with a report that we’ll review with you. You can hire us to implement any of the solutions, or perhaps take on the implementation in-house.

When to consider custom web development?

Once we learn about the requirements of your project we may suggest looking towards custom development if there are no third-party products that will meet your criteria. We evaluate custom development on a case by case basis as their are numerous factors to be considered before we dive in. We suggest meeting with us in-person to discuss your requirements and give you an opportunity to meet and evaluate us.