How to Secure Your Website

The iThemes Security Pro plug-in is one of my favourite security plug-ins because it’s easy to install and set up. Most of the pre-populated settings are usually more than enough to keep your WordPress site from being hijacked.

Secure Your Website with iThemes Security Pro

One feature I really like is the ability to easily change your WordPress login URL so anything you want. WordPress uses the /admin as the generic URL for all of their versions; which is very common place for hackers to locate. Locating the correct login URL is the first step of them gaining access to your site.  Using this function is also great for websites that have users who login to their site to post comments, or perhaps to purchase a product or subscription. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily change the URL login link to anything you want. Absolutely brilliant for those none code WordPress users!

Another feature I really enjoy is the ability to lock out bad users. What this feature does, is locks people out of your login page after too many failed attempts. You get to set how many attempts and how long you ban them before they can try again. By banning users with too many failed attempts, this slows down attackers from being able to try to get into your WordPress dashboard.  You also have the option to turn on Notifications, which will send you an email when someone has been locked out. This option is useful for web developers who maintain their client’s website as once you get a few of these notifications in a row, you know something is up and you can go login to your WordPress admin panel to protect yourself further.

No Security plug-in is complete without backups! And the tool iThemes Security Pro uses is very user friendly to set up and run automatic database back-ups. Though if you want to back-up more than just your databases, I strongly recommend getting Back-Up Buddy, as it’s more robust and has numerous other options available for backing up your site. I’ve had to use Back-Up Buddy a few times, and it’s a life saver!


There are over 30 features that come with this security plug-in to help you secure your website. You can read more about the features here: