How Back-Up Buddy can save your life

Ok, so it won’t actually save your life, but it will make life easier if ever faced with an internet disaster! Back-Up Buddy is one of the many Back-Up WordPress website plug-ins out on the market. It’s very well known by the community and heavily used by the masses! What’s great about Back-Up Buddy is that is easy to install and in most cases works right out of the box. It has gotten a lot of new features over the years, like offsite storage, and Back-Up profiles.

Sites get hacked everyday and a users WordPress password isn’t usually as strong as one may think, so having a back-up solution in place is quite important for any website that ranks high in search rankings or spends money on advertising. If you look at your Google Analytics, you can probably see traffic from around the world. You may wonder when looking at your analytics why you’re getting traffic from places like India, China, etc. Unless you market your products and services to these countries, than it’s a good chance that it’s either spambots or attackers trying to take over your WordPress site. How often do you Google something and end up on a site from China or India? Probably not very often, so you should wonder how on earth are you getting traffic from these far away places?

With Back-Up buddy you can feel assured that if your website does get attacked, that you can easily and quickly restore it. Even none technical people can restore a site with Back-Up Buddy because it provides you with a drop down menu, and radio button style questions to restore your website. Plus, they have really good resources to help you understand the options to restore your site.

Though Back-Up Buddy isn’t just for attacks. Many web designers know to well, that we can easily install a plug-in and kaput, the website we were working hours on is now displaying an error. Crashes happen. With Back-Up Buddy you can quickly restore your site and get back on track.


Using Back-Up Buddy To Launch a Site

I use back-up buddy fairly regularly to move a site from production to the live environment. In 99% of the times I’ve done this, it runs very smoothly without a hitch. One pre-caution if you do this, be sure when you set up the live production site, that you don’t use the same database credentials!! Things go terribly wrong if you use the same database name, password, etc. If you’re on the same server. If you host your production site on a different server, you’re find to use the same credentials. In most cases it doesn’t take longer than 30 mins to run a full back-up from production to the live environment.


Appreciated Back-Up Buddy Features:

  • Schedule backups any day and time of the week!
  • Have them emailed to your or sent to an offsite website (like DropBox)
  • Exclude certain files or folders. Important if you have a folder with lots of images that you don’t need backed up every time
  • Easily update URL’s throughout your site. This is great if you buy a new domain name and want to easily change every incident of your old domain name on your site.
  • It also does tasks like scans your database for error or malware. Very handy!!


You can find out more about Back-Up Buddy on the iThemes website: