How we work

design process

Phase 1: Discover

The discovery phase is one of our favourites. This is because we get to learn about your business, your goals, and hear about your ideas. We gather information about your company and brand, then investigate your ideas to verify their viability in the real world. We scour the web looking for similar products and analyze their qualities and look to see how we can make your product that much better.

Phase 2: Design

With knowledge in hand from our discovery phase, we begin to  design mock-ups and build a wireframe to show you how your site will look and function. Through experience, we've learned that  the key to effective web design is to create impact without compromising speed and functionality. We work with you closely to ensure we're designing a site that is targeted for your audience.

Phase 3: Delivery

The delivery phase consists of handing over the near to final product to you for your consideration. By this time, we've completed 90% of our scope of work. We take your feedback and business decisions back to the table and add in the finishing touches. During this phase we also complete a robust testing of your website to ensure it's compatible with the numerous devices and popular screen resolutions out there today.

Phase 4: Deploy

In the wee hours of the night, we launch your new website out to the world for them to eat it up for breakfast! We Tweet, Facebook and share our accomplishments to the masses to strike interest and hype so that you can start soaking in the fruits of our labour.

Phase 5: Delight

Delighting you is one of our most sought after goals as our business relies on referrals and acknowledgements. One of the best things our client's can do is refer us or write us a stellar testimonial.